Nurturing Sexual Nature on Children: a Reflection

Nurturing sexual nature on children is important. Early sex education allows children to be aware of their sexual nature and grow according their sexual nature. The discussion on this theme covers 10 topics as follows.

The Journal

Day 1: Understanding gender differences

Day 2: Early education on sexual nature

Day 3: The role of parents in nurturing sexual nature

Day 4: The role of father in nurturing sexual nature

Day 5: Balanced maturity education

Day 6: The effects of digital media on child's sexual nature

Day 7: Guarding our child against sexual abuse

Day 8: Sexual deviation and its solution

Day 9: The role of environment in preventing sexual abuse

Day 10: How to answer kid's answer about sex

What I Learned

During the review of the materials and some research I did myself, I realised that my child is living in an era that is really alarming in terms of sexual conduct. Massive penetration of digital media allows great exposure on sexual contents and other sexual misconduct.  In the middle of the way, I feel helpless. How could I protect my child?

Through the review of materials, I can conclude that family is the most important guard for our children. It sounds like "us against the world", but it actually is! There are so many things that we should equip our child with; sexual awareness as well as nurturing child's positive self-concept and self-esteem through family bonds.

As parents we have to immerse ourselves in our child's world. It is impossible to guard our child without knowing their world. And the most important thing, lots and lots of pray to Allah the protector of all, may He protects our child from the cruelty of this world.