The Role of Parents in Nurturing Sexual Nature

Nurturing sexual nature refers to the act of growing and nourishing child's sexuality based on his/her gender; how a man thinks, behaves and acts feels like a man, also how a woman thinks, behaves and acts feels like a woman.

Why does sexual nature need to be nurtured?

A well nurtured sexual nature will brought a man and a woman up according to their nature. It leads to the development of good personalities that will allow them later to serve a good role to their families and larger community.

Principles of Nurturing Sexual Nature

Principle #1: The sexual nature requires the presence, closeness, attachment of the father and mother as a whole and in balance from the child's birth to the age of 15 years.

Principle #2: The father's role is to supply Masculinity and the mother to supply Femininity in a balanced way. Boys need 75% supply of Masculinity, and 25% Femininity. Girls need a supply of 75% femininity and 25% masculinity.

Principle #3: Nurturing sexual nature will lead to the achievement of the true role of fatherhood for boys and the role of true motherhood for girls.

Personal take on this topic

Parents has a vital role in nurturing sexual nature of a child. A child who is brought up with a good concept of sexual nature will be more likely to have a positive affect on his/her future role to his/her own family or larger society. It can also be said that a home nurtured of sexual nature will affect future society.