Sexual Deviation and Its Solution

Sexual deviation refers to experience of intense sexual arousal to atypical objects, situations, fantasies, behaviours, or individuals. A great exposure of digital media with an overwhelming information out there has somehow assisting the spread of sexual deviation. Of course it is alarming. What can we do to protect our children from sexual deviation?

It is never too early to conduct sex education to a child. Even as soon as they was born. A child below 6 years old is in the phase of absorbent mind, which means they absorb everything in their environment. Even though they looked so tiny and needs a lot of help, their brain is actually growing at the very fast rate. This is a good time to introduce sexuality early, hoping that it can grow a strong root and long lasting throughout the child's life.

0-7 years

  • Say the genitals name with the correct name: penis and vagina.
  • Communicate with the child when changing the nappies. "Sorry, I have to clean your vagina."
  • Tell the child that only two genders are created by Allah: male and female.And, introduce each characteristics
  • Introduce the child to the concept of aurat, body parts that cannot be seen by others

7 - 14 years

  • Let's cooking or playing ball. Play with the child based on their gender.
  • Introduce the concept of cleaning up their body
  • Ask the child to pray together with the parents. In Islam, men are encouraged to perform prayers at the mosque, while women are at home.

Personal take on this topic

People with sexual deviation may feel that their sexuality is not deviated. They may feel that is normal as it grows within them. As a parents, we need to seriously plating a strong root of our children's sexual nature. So that as they grow, they may not swayed by the sexual deviation trends.