The Effects of Digital Media on Child's Sexual Nature

Digital media has become things that is inseparable from our daily life, as they make life easier. However, digital media is like a double edge sword. Besides its benefits, digital media also poses negative risks. Let's take a look.

Positive Effects of Digital Media

  1. Digital media allows easier communication through chatting or video call, which can strengthen family bonds if we use it correctly.
  2. Public service can be improved by online report from parents or the child himself.
  3. All kinds of information is easy to access.
  4. Digital media facilitates distance learning.
  5. Social network can be created through digital media.
  6. Digital media encourage creativity, as there are plenty of ideas that can be improved.

Negative Effects of Digital Media

  1. Too much exposure on digital media reduce child's time to do physical activities
  2. Digital media may cause difficulties in recognising emotions.
  3. Child may grow to be an individualist.
  4. Child's brain development is not balanced.
  5. Language development on child can be delayed.
  6. Digestive system can be disrupted by frequent holds on hunger, thirst and the urge to urinate.

Nurturing the Child in a Digital Media Era

  1. Limit the use of digital media based on the child's age.

    • Under 18 months: prevent the child to access digital media except video chatting.
    • 18-24 months: select quality programs, do not let the child access digital media by him/herself
    • 2-5 years: limit the access to digital media to maximum 1 hour a day
    • For older child, discuss and make agreement on: type of media that can or cannot be accessed by the child, gadget free zone, gadget free time
  2. Discuss the content of digital media program with the child so that the child can sort positive and negative content.

  3. Obey the minimum age of social media account set up

  4. Use digital technology to help restrict negative contents, such as Youtube kids, Kiddle, or Kakatu.

Personal Take on This Topic

The exposure of digital media to our kids is inevitable. We cannot protect our kids not to be exposed by digital media at all. What we can do is to regulate the use of digital media on our kids.