Balanced Maturity Education

Balanced maturity refers to a harmony between two aspects of maturity; psychological maturity and physical maturity. A person who is mature psychologically is able to differentiate between good and bad, develop a good common sense of problem solving, thinking before acting. Meanwhile, physical maturity can be seen from maturity of reproduction system.

Indicator of maturity

Psychological maturity

  1. A well developed thinking skills: thinking in a directed and orderly manner
  2. Financial literacy
  3. Developing idealism and the capacity to manifest

Physical maturity

The maturity of reproduction organs for male and female. Ready to become a father and a mother biologically.

Why maturity needs to be balanced?

In Islam, our deeds (good and bad) are started to be reckoned when we has reach the (physical) maturity stage. Thus, it is important that psychological maturity has developed when physical maturity comes. Developing a balanced maturity allows a person to have a firm personality, which prevents he/she to be drifted to a bad social trends.

Factors that contributes to imbalanced maturity

  1. Nutrition. Imbalanced of artificial nutrition disrupt hormonal balanced, thus children may reach physical maturity earlier than he/she should be.
  2. Information. Media shows that are not age appropriate.
  3. The absence of family role
  4. Ignorance society

How to encourage balanced maturity

  1. Co-parenting and make a family as an organisational style.
  2. Educate the child with intentional inconvenience and responsibility. Thus the child can endure any kind of life situation and has a better problem solving skill.
  3. Financial literacy. Teach the child about financial management.

Sample of activities to encourage balanced maturity

  1. Systematic curriculum
  2. Advice
  3. Role model
  4. Inspiring stories
  5. Wisdom
  6. Punishment

Personal take on this topic

It is indeed take a village to raise a child. To reach a balanced maturity, there are a lot of aspects that needs to go well and harmonious. However, the first and foremost stepping stone of balanced maturity lies in the family, especially parents. Sexuality needs to be introduced to the child as early as possible. Thus, parents needs to have a well-rounded and deep understanding on this topic.