Early Education on Sexual Nature

Sexuality can be describe as the difference between male and female that is not only seen from sex aspect, but also from norm and behaviour. While sexual nature refers to the ability of one to think, feel and behave according to his/her nature, whether it is as a real male or a real female.  

Why is it important to have an early education on sexual nature?

So that:

  1. Child grows to be an individual with a healthy and right sexual orientation
  2. Child refers to the right source of sexual education. It is a parents' job to help children understand about their sexuality. Gain their trust, so that children can talk comfortably about sexuality with you. We don't want our kids to learn about sexuality from the internet or any untrusted source that may have biased information about sexuality.
  3. Child understand and respect their body and others' body. Early sex education allows children to understand, which body parts that is private (only can be seen or touch by themselves) or parts that can be seen by others.
  4. Child gain understanding about their role in the society when they grow up.

The dangers of having a wrong sex education

  1. Exposed to sexual abused. By not having a strong understanding about their sexuality, it is easier for children to be exposed to bad influences from the environment.
  2. Exposed to LGBT and SSA.
  3. Peterpan syndrome
  4. Cinderella complex
  5. Have a free relationship with opposite gender
  6. Children don't understand their role based on their gender
  7. Children has a passion or interest not according to their sexual nature

What activities can we do?

There are actually a lot of activities that we can do for early sex education. And the good news is, it can starts as early as the child just born.

0 - 2 years old: be close to the mother

  1. Exclusive breastfeeding
  2. Introducing the concept of aurat (body parts)
  3. Introducing private parts
  4. Play based on gender

3 - 6 years old: be close to both mother and father

  1. Covering aurat
  2. Introducing the concept of cleanliness of private parts
  3. Introducing the concept of privacy
  4. Introducing the concept of shame
  5. Good touch vs bad touch
  6. Play based on gender