Fostering Creativity in Children: A Reflection

I believe that children are naturally creative. They are born with powerful imagination and dare to try. Thus, I personally think we only need to facilitate and observe them, so we can guide them in finding their passion.

Reflecting myself into the topic, I feel that I am not (really) a creative person. Well, I maybe good at combining patterns into handmade bags, or a doing simple publication design, but I am bad at drawing or doodle. Apparently, within the sphere of creativity itself, there are some things that we consider ourselves good at, and some things aren't.

The Journals

In this game, basically I only observe Lulu doing her activities and take note every aspect of creativity in it. So, here are my observations:

Day 1: Outdoor Play

Day 2: Congregation Prayer

Day 3: A Drink for Kitty Cat

Day 4: Reaching Kitty Cat

Day 5: Make up and Dress up

Day 6: Playing Blocks

Day 7: Imaginative Play

Day 8: Doodle

Day 9: Watercoloring

Day 10: The New Playground

What I Learned

During the activities, I noticed that Lulu develops new skills:

1. Motor skills

Lulu gross motor develop tremendously. She is now able to climb, eating with spoon and fork. As for fine motor, her pinch grip develops into the clamp skill. She is now able to clamp an object with a food tong.

2. Language skills

She is now able to say more than a word. She began consciously compose her talks so that others understand. Since we are now still in Mama's hometown, Lulu catches a lot of Bahasa Indonesia, which she has just learned intensively in one month. Indeed, immersion is the best method to learn language.

3. Imagination

I noticed that Lulu's imagination starts developing. She is now able to play pretend with her dolls and plushies.