Fostering Creativity: Outdoor Play

The new challenge is up! This month's theme is about creativity. We are asked to observe the child's activity and find a creative aspect in it. I believe that every child is born creative with their powerful imagination. So, during this game, my plan is to expose Lulu to as many activities as possible as well as to stimulate her creativity through small challenges and observe how she solved the challenges.

Today's activity is a free play. We went for a morning walk and let Lulu decide where to go. We walked and stopped several times as there were some things that caught her attention. We respect her curiosity by giving her plenty of time to observe what she was interested in.

Apparently our route was only about 300 m from granny's house. All the stops, observations and plays took longer than expected. We spent most of our time at the field in front of our neighbourhood mosque. Lulu was having fun observing different size of stones, playing with cats and drawing on the sand.

The creativity aspect that I observed from Lulu's activity today was when she drew on the sand using a stone, and when she bent down to get through an obstacle instead of walked around it.

Lulu has been drawing on paper or white board, but never been on sand. Thus, I was quite surprise that she drew on the sand with a stone that she had observed before.

When we were exploring the mosque, there was a fence in front of the building. Lulu was at one side of the fence and Mama was at the other side. When I told her to come to me, she bent down through the fence instead of walking around it. Great job, Lulu!