Fostering Creativity: Makeup and Dress Up

Earlier today we went out to a shopping mall. Before going out, we prepare ourselves. For Lulu, Mama brushed her hair, changed her clothes and helped her to put on her sandals. Then, Mama changed clothes and did some touch up: applying face powder and little bit of lipstick.

Lulu always love the moment when I take out my beauty case. Well, since I'm not too girly, my beauty case only consists of 1 compact powder, 1 lip balm, 2 lipsticks and 1 small perfume.

It turns out that Lulu has been paying attention every time I put on a little make up. She instantly grabbed anything in the pouch and start to (pretend) apply it on her face. It was so amusing seeing her applying the powder onto her chubby cheeks or the unopened lipstick onto her lips. Some times she also apply the make up to her dolls: zebra, bear and donkey! hahaha..

Well, through this activity I am glad that Lulu has developed her fitrah as a woman.