Fostering Creativity: Congregation Prayer

Lulu and Mama are still in Granny's and Granpa's house. We brought only few of her toys from Singapore. So, Lulu only has a limited choice of toys. But, from what I can see, it means that she has a lot of something else that she can make as her toys! What a perfect situation to observe creativity, haha!

Granny's house is just a stone throw distance from a mosque. We often brought Lulu to the mosque for congregation prayers. Actually, she has been seeing (and pray along) my husband and I back in our home. However, having a prayer in a mosque gives her the idea that congregation prayer can be performed by a lot of people, not just the three of us.

Beside praying in the mosque, we sometimes just pray at home. There is one room at Granny's house that is dedicated for a prayer room. There are four prayer mats laid down on the floor, some prayer clothes for women, and some Al-Qur'an on the shelves too. I always take Lulu to the room whenever I pray. She will just automatically pray with me. Oh, she even has her own prayer clothes too! :)

This afternoon, Lulu was playing with her aunty's doll. I noticed she was laying on the floor with her doll face down. She was mumbling while move her doll up and down. Curious, I approached her and I recognised a familiar sentence. "Allahu akbar!". Aaahh.. she was praying with her doll!