Fostering Creativity: Playing Blocks

Building blocks are one of the way to foster creativity in children. The set consists of several blocks in different shapes and colours that allows children to freely pour their imagination when playing with it.

Lulu owns one unique set of blocks, which theme is animal habitat. Not only the blocks, it came with the ecosystem too, like pond, animals (giraffes and elephants) , grass, rainbow, flowers, tree trunk, and leaves. It makes it more fun to build the blocks as well as to arrange the animals and plants around them.

This afternoon I asked her to play the blocks. I help her to lay all of the blocks on the mat. Lulu slowly took the two giraffes and two elephants with her. She walked away with the animals and put all the animals side by side. To my surprise, then she stood in front of them and did shalat (prayer) movements.

Aaaahh.. I see. It looks like she's leading the animals to pray! hehe..  

Although the primary goal of playing blocks did not achieved, but I observed one aspect of creativity: using the blocks to play something else beside its original function.

May Allah always guide you to be a righteous person, darling! <3