Fostering Creativity: Doodle

This morning Lulu, grandma and Mama visited Jember town square. There is a "car free day" event that is held every Sunday morning. There were so many activities that we did in the town square. It gave us valuable lessons. Not only for Lulu, but for Mama and granny too.

First of all, we encountered the gathering of Jember reptile community. They brought their reptile pet along. Lulu had a chance to look closely on iguanas. She observed iguanas' anatomy, how they eat and how to differ male and female iguanas. Thanks to one of the community member that was willing to answer to all of our questions.

As this is Lulu's first time to hear the word as well as to witness the real iguana, Mama keeps repeating the word of iguana today - during the bath, before the nap, during the evening bath, and before sleep at night. Mama keep trying to recall the activities that we did this morning while highlighting the iguana session.

Just before she had dinner, Lulu wants to draw. I got her a magnetic board which we can draw on it and erase instantly only by dragging one button to the opposite direction. Fist of all, she wanted to draw her foot. She placed one of her foot on the board and start to draw curve along her foot line. Then I gave her a challenge, what about drawing iguana that we saw earlier today? Seems understood, she started to doodle while mumbling. It looks like she try to explain what she draw.

Although the result doesn't look like iguana at all, I respect her effort of doing some art. Well done, Lulu!