Fostering Creativity: The New Playground

Deciding what to do when you are boring requires creativity. This happened to us today.

This afternoon, Lulu and Mama went to a hospital to visit Lulu's aunt. She has been hospitalised for two days. We stayed there the whole afternoon until aunty was discharged, then we went home together.

During our visit, Lulu stayed in the VIP room where her aunty is. It was because Mama forbid her to step outside the VIP room, afraid that she might catch the hospital germs.

For Lulu, staying in is boring. To kill the time, she did a lot of things, such as exploring the room's amenities, wearing adults shoes and walking around the room, climbing the bed railing, open and close the cupboards' doors, watching cartoon, and so on. She made the VIP ward into her playground.

Because of her creativity today we managed to visit aunty in peace and come back home safely. Thank you for being nice today, Lulu!