Fostering Creativity: Watercoloring

Mama just remembered that Lulu got a souvenir from a fishing game she attended at the town square yesterday. The souvenirs are watercoloring pack consists of a picture, 6 colours palette and one brush.

After her nap today, she saw the pack and instantly asked to open it. This is the very first time Lulu colour with the watercolour paints. First, I introduced to Lulu what included in the pack, and followed by demonstrating how to do the watercolour. Lulu paid attention carefully. Then, it was her turn to explore the colours.

She put the brush into the water, put it in the paint, and she brushed it on the paper. Not bad for a first try! :)

Besides fostering creativity, watercoloring activity has several benefits for toddlers:

  • introduction to colours
  • improve hand grip to brush
  • improve hands and eyes coordination
  • exercise focus