Observing Baby's Learning Style: A Reflection

This months project is really fun. We are asked to observed the learning style of our child, which I also curious about.

The Process

At first, I was so pessimistic on how the result will turn out. I thought that it would be hard to observe the learning style pattern of an infant. Thanks to Bunda Sayang Class of Ibu Professional that provide indicators for each learning style. After ten days of observation, I am able to point out Alula's learning style. Well, at least the most dominant one.

The Challenges

The challenge has been on the communication part, especially getting a verbal feedback from a 10-month-old infant as my daughter has not been able to talk yet. So during the activities that we did together is mainly a one-way communication from me to her. I understand that communication can be non-verbal too, which I observed a lot from her. I mean, my interpretation of her non-verbal feedback can be very subjective.

The Journals

These are our activities during the 10-days of observation:

Day 1: Blowing swimming arm band

Day 2: Reading the story book: the wheel on the bus

Day 3: Exploring sounds

Day 4: Read a story book: Lulu loves sound

Day 5: Swimming: recognising the splash sound

Day 6: Reading a flip out book: Lulu loves shapes

Day 7: Playing a ride machine: the real wheel on the bus

Day 8: Finding rectangle shapes

Day 9: Finding circle shapes

Day 10: Finding star shapes

The Checklist

What I Learned

Our activities have been so fun. I feel that our playtime become more productive, as Mama has some indicator to be observed, hehe. Through the 10-days-observation, it is apparent to me that Alula has mainly a kinaesthetic style of learning. At the end, it's not Alula is the only one who learn here. Mama got to learn something too!