Observing Baby's Learning Style: The Splash Sound

After having a nice weekend at Grandma's house, we are back in the hotel room again. To start the day, we went swimming! Too bad Mama can't go into the pool. So, it was only Papa and Alula who had fun in the water.

Alula has been excitingly exploring kinds of sounds these days. Today, Mama think it's a good chance for Alula to splash the water, like what she read yesterday.

Topic: Exploring the "splash" sound of water

Activity: Swimming

Description: Lulu loves to swim. She will splash the water excitedly with both hands and kicking his legs. When swimming, Papa showed Alula how to splash the water. Mama also told her that it's a splash sound. Actually, she's been splashing water here and there. However, since she's been reading the book about sound, why not emphasise it more.

Alula's response: excitedly following Papa's command to splash the pool water.

Learning style observed: Auditory & Kinaesthetic. I would say both style are balanced.