Observing Baby's Learning Style: Recognising Sounds

Alula is staying at Granny's house this weekend. As a new environment to her, it's a lot of things to explore. She is crawling around the houses, climbing furnitures and playing with her aunts.

At this age, Alula always try to lean on every furniture she finds and stand. Today she is learning something new.

Activity: Recognising Sounds

Description: Alula stands leaning in front of a table and banging on it. Mama put another objects on the table for Alula to bang too: a small water bottle and a big sprite bottle. I give the example to bang each object softly. Then Alula follows what I did, banging the each bottle then the surface of the table.

Alula's response: She's amused that different things has different sounds when she

Learning Style: Three styles are observed from this activity.

(1) Visual (seeing Mama banging the bottles)

(2) Auditory (Hearing a different sound of each object)

(3) Kinaesthetic (following Mama's example to bang the object).

Note: Auditory style is dominant.