Observing Baby's Learning Style: Lulu Loves Sounds

After Lulu explored sounds yesterday, today we explore more sounds from Alula's story book. In a coincidence, the book is about a little girl with the same name with her, Lulu.

Topic: Exploring more sounds

Activity: Reading a flip out story book

Description: Mama read a story book about sounds to Alula. In the book, there are some sounds that is being introduced, such as: woof woof for a dog, ding a-ling a-ling for a tricycle sound, boing-boing for a ball, splish splash for water, and many more.

Alula's response: During the story telling, mama makes interesting sounds just like what the book stated. Then, Alula got to imitate what mama did. It's so fun!

Learning style observed: Visual & Auditory. Auditory style is more dominant.