Developing Early Math Skill: A Reflection

The Process

So, the 10 days challenge is up. This time is about developing early math skill. Math concept is important in life, thus children need to be exposed to it as early possible in their life. The process of introducing Math to the 1-year-old Alula is quite exciting. When the challenge started, Alula was exactly one year old. According to PBS parents, baby and toddler math milestone within the age range covers some areas: numbers, geometry (shapes & space), measurement, pattern, reasoning & algebra.

After knowing the math milestones based on Alula's age, we began to explore activities according to those milestones.

The Journal

These are our activities during the 10 days of challenge. Click on the link to read the full post of each activity.

Day 1: Exploring the activities that we can do

Day 2: Peek a Boo!

Day 3: Exploring a star shape

Day 4: Introduction to square

Day 5: Stack them up!

Day 6: Numbers on the go

Day 7: Having fun with an activity table

Day 8: A day out with circles

Day 9: Playing with cats

Day 10: Let's Ride

The Challenge

Our activities have been so fun. Alula seemed to enjoy our "math activities" a lot. Well, maybe for this age "the math" is so subtle hidden in games. Speaking about challenge, yes there was! (raising a child always has its own challenge after all, hehe).

First, the reality was not always according to the plan. Partly she wasn't interested in it or she didn't get the way how to play it. Or simply, she thought it was not fun enough, haha! Most of our activities were lead by Alula. I didn't want to direct her what to play and not. I have been following her interest and infuse the math into the play :)

Second, the challenge was about communication. As Alula can't speak a clear and meaningful sentence, so it's difficult for me to get her feedback regarding our activities.

What I learned

Math is fun! Had I learn math like the way Alula does, maybe I won't hate it like I do, haha. During this challenge, I learned that Mama got to be creative too! Thankfully, there are a lot of resources out there (online) depicting math activities for babies/toddler.