Developing Early Math Skill: Let's Ride!

We spent our day today at a Mall in South Jakarta. As Papa is around, we had a chance to explore the Mall longer, as Mama has a backup buddy to accompany Alula. The mall was surprisingly crowded. Oh well, it's weekend!

As soon as we arrived at the mall, we directly went to an eating place to have lunch. Alula had meatballs and rice, Mama had tekwan (a traditional cuisine from South Sumatra), and Papa had a bowl of meatballs too.

"Lulu, Mama ordered meatballs for you." She looked ecstatic. "Hmm.. How many meatballs do you get? Let's count!", I said to her while transferring the meatballs from the hot bowl into her rubber plate. This time she had six meatballs in her bowl. "One.. two.. three.. four.. five.. and six!" I cut them into smaller pieces and put some rice into her plate. Lulu loves meatballs. She finished all of the meatballs and rice. Maybe she was just hungry, hehe..

After lunch, we went to a bookstore. Mama needed to buy some books. And, in front of the book store, there is a... tadaaa! Zoomoov!! It's the animal electronic rides, Lulu's favourite. Well, who doesn't love that. Even Mama loves to ride that too! haha.. For the first round, Lulu had a ride with Papa. She had a lot of fun. For the second ride, Mama had the chance to accompany Lulu.

Alula is having a ride with Mama

The ride with Mama was a bit special. Mama incorporated a little concept of Math. Yes, it's about speed. In order the ride to move, there was a button that we needed to press. The speed of the electronic ride was constant. There was a maximum speed that we couldn't go beyond.

At some points, Mama would release the button so the ride would slow down for few secon ds. Then, Mama pressed the button again so the ride would go faster. Occasionally Mama released the button until the ride stop just to tease Lulu. When the animal ride stopped, Lulu tried to take over the button from Mama's hand. In another attempt of slowing the ride down, it seemed that Lulu can sense that the ride would stop soon. She even tried to reach the button trying to press it so that we can go faster.

Thankfully when the ride is over, she was voluntarily getting of the ride herself (of course with a bit of Mama's help, hehe..).