Developing Early Math Skill: Playing With Cats

Today we had a family gathering at Grandma's house. A lot of people came and spent the day together. Lulu was so happy meeting a lot of people. It was such a good thing as Lulu got so much stimulations from her interactions with all the family members and guests.

Grandma's house was busy since morning. Everyone was busy preparing the food and the venue. In the middle of the hustle and bustle, there is one active baby who kept walking and curious about everything. You must be able to imagine the chaotic scene! haha..

There are four cats at Granma's house. Lulu loves to play with them. Since Mama is not a fan of cat, I never brought Alula to play with cats. She only had the chance to play with cats only if Papa is around.

Today she had a blast with the cats. Every time she sees them, she would rushed to chase the cats. Her encounter with cats so far has been quite smooth. She understands that she needs to stay in a quite distance for the cat to be comfortable. After a moment of observation, then she usually begins to caress the cat. For this part, Mama or Papa still needs to remind her to be gentle. Sometimes, we would hold her hands and caress the cat together so she could understand how gentle she should be.

Lulu is caressing the cat
She tries to be friendly with the cat

How does today's activity relate to Math?

Well... in my observation, Lulu learns about several concepts in Math. First of all, she learns about distance - how far or close she should be away from the cats. Second, she learns about estimation - how gentle she should be when caressing the cats. Otherwise the cat will run away.