Productive Communication to Baby: Keeping It Short and Simple (KISS)

I would say that my first trial on productive communication to a baby was quite a success. Productive communication can eventually be implemented to a young infant. Yeay! But was it really? Or yesterday was just my lucky day? So, today I gave another try. I emphasise on the KISS aspect, to keep my messages short and simple.

Women, by nature, speaks more words than man. Way a lot more! That makes mama sometimes talking in a loooongg sentences to baby Lulu. Especially when I am tired and the baby is cranky at the same time. The talk can become even looooonger.. huhu..

Being aware of the KISS aspects, I shorten my messages and give sometime for her to comprehend it before talking another sentences.

When changing her diaper:

"Alula, please stay still."

"You can grab this toys."

When accompanying her eating her solid food:

"You will eat carrot, broccoli, and salmon." (while showing each food as I talk)

"Chew it like this, baby!" (while showing her example how to chew)

When I have to pray:

"Lulu, Mama will pray for 5 minutes. Please stay calm, OK?"

When we have to go somewhere:

"Alula, we will go to supermarket."

"I need to buy fruits."

Her reactions were quite good. With shorter command, she was able to pay more attention until I finish my sentences. Of course unless she's sleepy.... >.<