Productive Communication to Baby: Observation and Friendly Tones

Communicating with a baby is a bit tricky. My baby is 7.5 month old. She mostly communicates with gestures, cries or unidentified babbles. The problem with these types of communication is, it often cause frustrations for both me and her if we fail to understand each other. Most of the time the frustration leads to anger and even louder cries. Learning about productive communication to children, I wonder if it can be applied to a baby under one year old. So, today I'm trying my luck! :)

Sweet baby of the day <3

My first attempt is to try my best communicating with her in friendly tones, especially when my patience level is at the lowest xD. This morning I rush to attend her whenever I hear her "calling me" with her aaa eehh ahhh. I just left everything that I was doing at that time.

It occured multiple times - when I was ironing, washing dishes, cooking, sweeping the floor. Well, yeah, typical activities of tiger mama :D

When I washed dishes this afternoon, I hear my baby's sound from the bedroom. I left my half-rinsed plates in the sink and rush to the bedroom. As soon as I approached my baby, I hug her. Then I and talked to her to  find out what she needs. "Hi baby, are you calling Mama? Sorry, I was washing dishes. Oh, I see you rubbing your eyes. Are you sleepy? Let's sleep."

When I was ironing, she was playing with her toys. She starts to "call" me and again, I rush to her. "I see you throwing your toys away. Are you bored, sweetie? Do you want me to play with you? Why don't we read books..".

I notice that the impact is surprising. My baby's mood today is good. She didn't cry out loud like she used to. She sleeps easily. She was relatively not cranky whenever she was sleepy. Oh wow!