Today we went to Orchard road, the paradise for shoppers in Singapore. Mama needed to meet a friend and we planned to meet Papa for dinner. Lulu had a lot of fun walking along the shopping stretch. Walking along Orchard road is so much nicer nowadays, as smoking is prohibited along the pedestrian.

We had dinner at our favourite fried duck place. Again, today Lulu was exposed to a financial concept that is buying a food. Just the contrary to what she experienced yesterday, today we needed to order and pay in advance.

After the meal we went to a nearby mosque for Maghrib prayer. Lulu was so happy running around inside the mosque while waiting for us to finish our pray. Before leaving the mosque, we let her to put some money into the donation box while telling her the concept of sharing - that there is a part of the sustenance that we get from Allah that belongs to someone else. Thus, we need to share it. Lulu was excited to insert the note into the box. This activity may seems simple, but it is a good and simple way to teach the concept of sharing to a toddler.

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