Eating Out

Eating Out

One way to introduce financial literacy to a toddle is by eating out. Well, not only the toddler that will be excited, the Mom will be too, haha!

We took Lulu to try a burger place near our home. Rumour has it, the burgers are good. So, we went there to try. As we arrived, the waiter greeted us and asked how many persons are eating. "Two adults and one baby, please..". He asked us to wait while he prepared our seats including the baby chair.

Soon after the seats ready, we sit and start browsing the menu. We gave Lulu the menu too so that she can take a look and experiencing how to order a food in the restaurant. In a few moment, the waiter came. We ordered two sets of burger and two drinks. He takes a not of our order and collect the menu back.

The burgers are good. Lulu has her own food and drinks, but we let her to have a taste of the burgers too. After finished with our meal, we pay at the cashier and go home.

Eating out may like another day to day life. Apparently, if we take it as a learning experience, there are a lot of things that can be learned. Just Lulu learned many things including we need to spent some money for the food we eat.  

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