Mama has been telling stories about Allah's creation to Alula. In every story, Mama always stressed the point that Allah is the creator of all. Only Allah has the power to create nature, human, animals, and plants.

Alula loves to eat strawberries. And luckily Mama found a book about the creation of strawberry among Alula's book collections. Although she hasn't show an interest reading the book (well, maybe it's because the book has less picture and too wordy for her), Mama keeps on reading it to Lulu once in a while in hoping that she gets the idea that it is Allah who creates her favourite fruit.

Mama bought a box of strawberry from the supermarket yesterday. This morning it was in Alula's breakfast menu together with steamed tofu, steamed carrot, and cheesy chicken.

We sat together in the dining table. We always try to eat together as a family - Papa, Mama, and Alula. As usual, we began the breakfast by reciting the prayer before meal. Lulu was delighted to see (and eat) the strawberries. While eating Mama told her the name of each food she grabbed, and also explain that they are created by Allah. We should be grateful to be able to have it in our plate. Alhamdulillah..