Withdrawing Money from the ATM

Withdrawing Money from the ATM

Our morning walk today was a bit late. Papa and Mama are unwell, so our morning walk today was to a GP (General Practitioner).

On our way back from the doctor, Papa needed to stop at a bank to update his details but unfortunately the queue was too long. He decided to come back later. Just outside the bank, we saw a row of ATM. Papa, who knows that Mama is having a project on introducing financial literacy to Lulu, has an idea - why don't we introduce how the ATM works to Lulu. What a good idea!

Papa lifted Alula from her stroller so that she had a better view of the ATM screen. She looked amazed as it was her very first encounter with an ATM. First of all, Papa took his debit card out of his wallet and gave it to Lulu. Then, he showed Lulu where to insert the card and let her do the task. Lulu managed to insert the card well into the slot. The activity was followed with pressing the buttons for PIN number, choosing withdrawal menu from the screen, enter the amount to withdraw, and viola.. the money was there. Again, Papa let Lulu take the notes out from the machine.

Alula probably hasn't understand yet. But she seems to enjoy this activity so much, so we hope that this experience will spark her interest to learn about finance. Speaking of which, I haven't introduce notes to her. Let's do it tomorrow! :)

Luu is helping Papa to take out some cash from the ATM

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