The Search for Kitty Cat

The Search for Kitty Cat

Today is quite something. We did so many things, explored and observed so many things too. Our activities today were mostly outdoor, which Alula loves.

We went to a doctor in the morning. Even though Alula is recovering from her fever, this morning we would like to confirm some of her conditions. In the waiting room, we have to wait for the queue. Alula made herself busy by reading the pamphlets and flyers on the rack. She occasionally greeted another patients who were waiting in the waiting room too. The old ladies were happy to  chat with Lulu, and it seems the old couples were too.

After that, we went to a post office branch. We needed to post our voting paper for the upcoming presidential and parliamentary election of Indonesia. As Lulu has learned about posting activity, this morning we delegated the posting to Lulu. We show her our envelopes and asked her to put it into the tiny post box hole.  She took one envelope, and put it into the post box. She took the other one and repeat the activity. Yeay! Another posting activity unlocked.

Lulu is posting our voting paper at the post office

In the late afternoon, we went for a walk in the neighbourhood. Our mission was to find a cat of our neighbourhood. Lulu really loves to play with cat. She has been saying "tee-cat.. tee-cat" (kitty cat) since we told her we will try to find a cat.

Along the way, Alula made several stops. There were several things that caught her attention: the texture of the asphalt, the gym equipment on the fitness corner, observing flowers, and interacting with people she met along the way.

Feeling the texture of the asphalt road
Trying to climb the fitness equipment
Observing flowers

After a while, we spotted the cat from afar. Alula grinned and rushed to walk approaching the cat. Unfortunately, the cat walked away and sit under a van. Poor Lulu.. But, she didn't give up. Lulu walked to the van and tried to lure the cat out by a dry leaf. Maybe next time we need to bring along a cat food.

Happy face to finally find a cat
Lulu tried to lure the cat out 

Last stop before heading home, we went to our mailbox to check on letters. Lulu was excited to try to put the key into our mailbox.

Lulu tried to put the key into the mailbox

Observation Notes

There were so many stimulations from our activities today:

  • Interpersonal skill: conversation with elderly at the clinic
  • Hand and eyes coordination from posting activity: inserting envelope to a post box, inserting a key into a keyhole
  • Tactile sense: feeling the texture of asphalt road, touching the texture of grass
  • Olfactory sense: smell of flowers
  • Physical exercise/ movement: walking, climbing a fitness equipment
  • Problem solving: try to lure the cat out from its hideout

The activities that Lulu loves the most are:

  • Playing with cats
  • Interacting with other people