The Orange Juice Machine

The Orange Juice Machine

Another fun activity to introduce financial literacy to toddler is by buying something from a vending machine as an alternate way to purchase something.

There is a vending machine that Mama likes to buy the juice from, iJooz. It's juice from natural orange. Only for $2 we can get the juice of 4-5 oranges. It's quite affordable for a healthy drink.

Our walk today is to a supermarket in the nearby mall. Just at the entrance of the mall, we saw the iJooz machine and wanted to introduce how the vending machine works to Lulu.

First of all, we prepared the money that we need. Papa took a $2 note from his wallet and gave it to Lulu to hold. After that, Papa directed Lulu to insert the note into the money slot. As soon as Lulu put the money into the slot, the machine pull the money in. Lulu's facial expression was so priceless, amazed and surprised at the same time. Once the money went in the machine started to produce the juice. From the transparent window, we can see how the oranges were pressed to produce the juice. Lulu observed the process. When the cup full, the machine stopped pressing any orange and moved the cup to another section. The cup was sealed and it was ready to collect.

After getting the juice, Lulu couldn't wait to test it. Sluuurrrp! She likes it!