Tap In and Tap Out: Paying for a Train Ride

Tap In and Tap Out: Paying for a Train Ride

A friend invited us for a pizza-making-playdate today. Their house is It means that Lulu is couple stations away from our house. It means that Lulu will be riding a train!

Lulu loves to ride a train. She loves to see things outside from a moving train. She loves to hold the hanging handles, interacting with other passenger, and also see the gracious movement characters on the train.

Actually, Lulu has been taking train with us for countless time. However, we haven't teach her how to pay for our train rides. So, today we will show her how to do it. After a fun ride, we alight at our destination.

The fun train ride :)

We deliberately plan our exit so that Lulu can observe how to tap our transport cad to the MRT gantry. Papa lead us the way and tap his card on his way out meanwhile Lulu and Mama are behind him. The idea to let Lulu sees how Papa did it and let her follows the way. Soon after Papa, we make our way out with Lulu holding the card. She taps the card onto the gantry, and the gate opens.

She was so excited with the experience and wants to tap some more, haha..  

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