Productive Communication to Baby: Showing Empathy

Today we had to go to the ICA (Immigration & Checkpoint Authority) of Singapore to settle Alula's permanent resident formalities. The appointment was at 9 AM. We need to take train, which means we had to go from our house at about 8 AM. So, today Alula needs to adjust her biological clock.

Alula woke up early this morning. I quickly prepared breakfast for the adults and the baby in the house. We had our breakfast together, took a bath and rush to go. Usually Alula sleeps again after having breakfast and take a bath. I silently prayed that she wouldn't be fussy on the train.  

About four stations approaching the destination, Alula started rubbing her eyes. Ou oh! She's sleepy. She began to make noise, asking Mama to hold her. Ok, I take her from her stroller and held her on a moving train.

Arriving at the ICA office, Alula needed to make a pass photo. The queue was long. Mama needed to queue while holding the sleepy baby in her arms. I cannot imagine if she's being fussy in the middle of the crowd. So, while rocking her I whisper, "Alula, mama knows that you are so sleepy. It's your sleeping time. But we need to take your photo. You can sleep now, but later I will wake you up to take your photo for a while. You can sleep again after that." I repeat my mantra over and over while queueing, hoping she understand of what I said.

She was asleep on the halfway queue. Mama was relieved that she was asleep without being fussy. When it was finally our turn, I woke her up to have a quick photo shoot. She was reluctant to open her eyes at the beginning, but slowly follow Mama's instruction to sit still.

The photo shoot took an instant. I held her again and rock her to sleep. But this time she refused to sleep, but observing the crowds instead.

Thank you for being an easy baby, Lulu!

That pass photo :D