Riding a Train

Riding a Train

Today Lulu accompanied Mama to go to a friend's house in the east part of Singapore. As our home is in the north side, the journey is quite long. It took an hour 10 minutes to reach our destination by train and taxi. The journey gave Lulu lots of fun experience.

Lulu was on her stroller when we depart from the station near our house. She was busy observing the train, the people inside the train, as well as outside the train. The sun was scorching hot, so it was very bright outside. Lulu could see what's outside from the train window clearly. Suddenly she stretched her arm and pointed outside, "Cee.. cee..!" At first I didn't get it. I thought she was just mumbling. But Lulu kept repeating "cee.. cee.." while she pointed outside. I reflected for a while, until I found out what she was trying to tell me. Tree! I was so surprised, as I only introduced the word tree to Alula yesterday. Another new word noted.

After three stations, we alighted the train to ride connecting train. While waiting for the next train, we sit on the bench while facing the rail. Every time a train comes, I pointed to it and told Lulu, "train". "That is a train." I repeated it over and over.

Carried forward, we met Papa on our way back from Mama's friend. I agreed to meet him at a shopping center near a train station. After meeting Papa, we had dinner together and headed home by train again. She refused to sit on her stroller, and wanted to walk by herself. When we walked from the shopping center to the station, suddenly Lulu shouted "Tain! Tain!" As it was quite crowded we didn't really hear what she said. Until the next train was approaching, she shouted the same word again. Ahhhh... Train! It left Mama and Papa amazed.

Sitting on the train with Mama
Exploring the handle bar 

On the train, Lulu had her own seat that made her to move freely. She looked at a campaign sticker to give a seat for priority. The character name is Stacey, or "Stand Up Stacey". Papa was trying to tell her that the name is Stacey. To our surprise she can repeat correctly what my husband was saying, "Stacey!"


Observation Notes

  • I am so amazed by how quickly Alula can learn new words. I should fill in this period by enrich her with new vocabularies, be it from books or hands on experience.
  • Lulu was so excited to learn mode of transportation. So far she understands car, bus and train.