Shaping Spiritual Intelligence in a Baby: Recognizing God's Creation

After going through articles and theories of human intelligence, I come to conclusion that spiritual intelligence is supposed to be the basis, thus need to be introduced and shaped from the early age.

Helping Alula to shape spiritual intelligence, we let Alula see how we (the parents) worship God through our prayers, recite the holy book Al-Qur'an, she would come with me to every Al-qur'an class that I attend. However, I think that we should begin to  to make a conscious effort to introduce Alula to God - the creator of all.

The concept of God may be abstract to comprehend for a young person. I think the simplest way to introduce the concept of God is to recognise the creations: the living things, the nature, and everything else.  

Yesterday, Mama and Papa brainstormed of activities that probably fun to do with Alula. These are that we can think of at the moment:

  1. Reading Story books about animal
  2. Finding pigeons
  3. Playing with cats
  4. Feeding the cat
  5. Seeing colourful fishes
  6. Feeding the fish
  7. Visiting zoo
  8. Making album: Alula and animals
  9. Playing on the grass
  10. Touching different shapes of leaves
  11. Watering the plants
  12. Fruit galore: fruit hunting at the supermarket
  13. Eating colourful fruits

We are so excited and looking forward to do all of the activities with Alula. We hope that she will enjoy that as much as we will :)