Shaping Spiritual Intelligence in a Baby: Rain Rain (Don't) Go Away

Shaping Spiritual Intelligence in a Baby: Rain Rain (Don't) Go Away

I love Singapore these days, much rain and less hot. Personally I loves rain. It brings a peaceful feeling, knowing that Allah sending his blessings to me. On top of that, it's the perfect reason to stay in bed all day and having a spicy ramen!

We actually planned to go to the nearest pond to see and feed the fishes. However the rain poured right when we about to leave the house. Change of plan! We went out anyway, as I and my husband think it's the perfect time to introduce Alula to the rain.

I think today is the first time for Alula to see the rain in person. So far, she saw the rain only behind the window. When she sees water drops from the sky, she looked amazed and excited.

While enjoying the rain, Papa explained to Alula that Allah makes the rain fall. It is one of Allah's blessing to us. The water that drops then seeps into the ground and used by plants to grow. Allah has granted the sustenance of each of his creatures. Even the plants can't move to look for the food, Allah sends it to them. Masha Allah!

Alula and Papa enjoys the rain

I hope she enjoys her first experience to see the rain. Mama can't wait to buy you a rain coat and boots. Next time when you can stand and walk properly, let's get wet and play in the rain!