Promoting Independent Dressing to a Baby: Putting a Jacket On

Initially, today Mama plans to introduce Alula on how to put her legs through leggings. However, the plan needs to be postponed as we don't have enough time for it.

Today Alula went to Singapore Jurong Bird Park. We left early in the morning as it's a bit cloudy. We were afraid that it might be raining when we got there if we left later. We enjoyed our time there. We stayed there until midday and went to a shopping center nearby to have lunch.

After having lunch, we roamed around the shopping mall complex. You know, women can never get enough of shopping, especially when Papa was a supportive company, hihi. We went in and out bookshops, baby store, electronic department store, clothing outlets, and so on.

Among the stores we visited, we went to Uniqlo to browse baby clothes. There was a cute bright yellow winter jacket for a baby that caught Mama's eyes. Speaking of a jacket, Mama realizes that Lulu hasn't got a chance to wear one since birth. Singapore weather is humid and hot. Thus it's almost impossible for a jacket. Seeing that yellow jacket, Mama suddenly wants to try it on baby Lulu.

"Lulu, look, don't you think this yellow jacket is cute?", while showing the jacket to her. Alula is curiously tried to reach it. "Do you want to try it on?". I put the jacket on Alula while explaining to her the step-by-step on how to wear it. "Open the zipper like this... Put your right arm through the sleeve, and your left arm to another sleeve. Tada!"

"Oh, and this jacket has a hood. You just need to put it on your head like this."
She's so cute in it. Maybe we should plan to go somewhere cold so that we can bring this yellow jacket home (code sent to Papa, hahaha!).

Alula and the yellow jacket (feat. Papa)