Promoting Independent Dressing to a Baby: Pulling Off the Socks

It's the second day of promoting independent dressing to Alula. The agenda is only to introduce her of what she can do by herself. The practices will go along in our daily activities together.

Yesterday's introduction went quite well. When I sing the body parts song today, Alula is so happy clapping and giggling. It seems that she still remember the song. While continuing the introduction to body parts through that song, I introduce her how to pull off her socks.

Singapore is rainy these days. The temperature that usually hits 34 degrees in the afternoon falls into only 25 degrees Celcius. Due to the chilly weather, I put socks on Alula so that she feels warm all the time. Not only Alula but Mama also got to put on socks too :D

Alula has been able to reach her own feet for quite some time now. I think it's perfect time to show her that she can actually pull her socks off by herself. While we lay on the bed, I lift my legs to the air and tell her, "Look! Mama has two feet. This is my right foot, and this is my left foot." Then she tried to lift her legs too. "Yes, Alula has two feet too. This is your right foot, and this is your left foot. Alula and Mama wear socks."

While on the topic, I show her how to pull off the socks.
"Lulu, mama can pull the socks off. I touch the tip of the sock and pull! See? The sock is gone." She giggles. "Can you do it?"
Alula lifts her legs and touches the tip of her socks. "Yes, Lulu. Carry on..", Mama cheering. But she let them go. I think they're still too hard to pull off. That's ok. Let's try again later.