Productive Communication to Spouse: Good Timing

This morning my husband woke up earlier than usual. He woke me up for morning prayer, and we did the morning prayer together. After the prayer usually we go back to sleep, but this morning it's quite different. My husband didn't go back to sleep. His mind was roaming around somewhere. I know that he has something bugging him.

Our morning walk at Yishun Pond, Singapore

He is an introvert person. He doesn't share his feeling much. So I chose to wait for him to share what's on his mind instead of asking him directly. To my surprise, he suddenly shares his feeling. It's about his work. I listened to him, but I didn't give my response instantly. At that time, our baby has woke up, and she was so cheerful asking her parents to play with her. So, I guess it was not good timing to have an intense conversation.

After I learned about productive communication, I would like to improve the way I communicate. Especially to my husband and to my child. This morning was a good chance to implement it.

So, I asked my husband to do a morning walk together - the activity that we used to have before having a baby but lately is rarely done. We went to the nearest park with a big pond in it. Today's weather was perfect, not too sunny but not too cold. We talked about a lot of things during our walk, joking around, with few stops here and there entertaining the baby who is so excited to observe everything.

We also had a chance to visit Subway that recently is halal certified (finally!). We opted for taking away as we planned to have the breakfast at home, together with our little one who has started eating solids. However, baby Lulu was asleep on our way back home. And then we thought, why don't we just have our breakfast at the park? What a great idea!

It was such a peaceful morning. Having our breakfast in the park, facing the pond while having a sleeping baby. What a great timing! Then I resume our previous conversation about what troubles his mind. His stories were flowing. I listened to him carefully, clarified few things and offered him a help that can at least ease his mind.

We finished our sandwiches as the conversation ended. He held my hand while pushing the baby stroller with the other hand. The hold was firm and warm. I hope our little chat this morning lifts his burdens even if it's the slightest.

We love you, daddy! <3