Productive Communication to Baby: Clear Compliments

I am so excited knowing the facts that productive communication can be implemented to a baby. With little more patience, apparently baby can respond differently to new way of communication. Yeay, alhamdulillah! Of course, the trial continues. Today I try another aspect, that is clear compliments.

Alula has been eating solids since she was 6 months old. We use Baby Lead Weaning (BLW) method that allows her to eat by herself. Using this method, eating has a lot learning process - learn to grab the food, learn to direct the food to her mouth, learn to chew, learn to handle the food in her mouth, and also learn to swallow the food.

Alula always join us in every meal time. We try to eat together as much as we can, Alula, mama and papa. Every time she succeed on each learning process, we usually praise her with "Good job, Alula!" or "Well done, baby!". However, after learning the productive communication, I know that I must be more specific in giving compliments. We must state what she did good. So, today I and my husband start our mission: giving a clearer compliments.

Alula had her lunch late, as she was too sleepy and not in the mood to eat during lunch time. Her menu today is steamed broccoli and fried salmon. As usual, we guided her to recite a pray before eating, put her bib on, and placed her food in front of her. She started to grab the broccoli, observed its florets and her right hand slowly guide it into her mouth. Some florets were falling apart on to the floor and some florets succeed to enter her mouth. She slowly chewed the broccoli with a funny face. I know that she doesn't really like it, but mama is so persistent to feed baby Lulu vegetables XD.

Alula and her last piece of broccoli

Once she finished her first piece of broccoli, we praise her hoping that she will be excited to have more. "Wow, I see you finish the broccoli. That's great, Lulu! Broccoli tastes yummy!". She grabs one more piece of broccoli and eat it slowly. One.. two... three pieces of broccoli have gone. Well done (for eating all the broccolis), baby girl!