Discovering ability: DIY Posting with Straws

Discovering ability: DIY Posting with Straws

Alula is unwell today. Last night she had a fever reaching 40 degree Celcius. Today we visited a paediatrician and lay low in the house. We didn't do much, as Lulu was in a state of discomfort and being clingy all day long.

This afternoon, we just sat in front of her shelves and read some books. Two books went by, and suddenly she reached her arm to take one of her toys. It's a DIY posting activity with a cup and straws. The basic idea is to insert the straws into the straw hole on the lid of the cup.

How to Make a DIY Posting


  • cup with a lid that has a straw hole on it
  • couple of straws

How to Prepare:

  • cut one straw into 4, and repeat it for the rest of the straws

Alula's Response

This activity is her choice. Lulu enjoys inserting several the straws into the straw hole. Her attention span is ok, as she managed to insert around 8 straws into the cup through the tiny hole.  After that, she was distracted to do something else; drawing!