Outdoor Galore: Have Fun at the Playground

Outdoor Galore: Have Fun at the Playground

On our morning walk today, we played bubble and went to a playground. Lulu seemed very happy playing new things today.

As we left the house for our walk, we brought along a bubble toy that we bought few days ago. Lulu love to play bubbles, especially the part of chasing them and popping them out. As soon as we reached the void deck of our apartment, Lulu asked Papa to play the bubble. When Papa made the bubble, she was really amused and asked Papa to make more and more bubbles.

Then I taught her how to say bubble, by emphasising


"Let's pop the Bubble!"

She had a blast! There were a lot of sensorial and gross motor exercise for her. She played slide, climbing onto the slide and also had a chance to interact with other children.

Lulu has been afraid of playing slide. Maybe it's because of her first experience was not so pleasant. In this playground we tried to put her on the slide just to give it a try. To our surprise Lulu really enjoyed the slide, and even want to play more and more.

Besides playing slides, she also tried to climb anything she found in the playground. Even though she hasn't been successful yet, but she has trained her hand and legs muscles.

Activity Report

Area: physical exercise

Key Development:

  • hand and eye coordination
  • gross motor
  • arm and legs muscle exercise

Observation Note:

  • Lulu learns new word very fast. She is able to listen, comprehend, and make an association of a concept pretty quick.
  • Her eyes sparkled with joy when she play slides and play bubbles.