Organize Your Note with OneNote

Organize Your Note with OneNote

OneNote is a a digital note taking app. I have to say, this app is the best note taking app I experienced so far. It makes note taking and organising a lot easier. Let's go through what I love from this app one by one.

First, this app can be accessed via multi platform, ios, android, chrome, and mac devices. In other words, you can never miss your notes as you can access them anytime from any device you have.

Second, this app allows me to store and organise audio recordings. The recordings are stored in a searchable format so it's very easy to recall.

Third, OneNote allows me to take handwritten notes with the help of stylus or fingertips. These notes is then converted into digital text.

Fourth, OneNote has a rich of text formatting command. We can also highlight important points or ideas using various colours.

Fifth, I can attach files into a note. I find this feature really helpful. It allows me save my essays as well as their important references.

Sixth, it's easy to find my notes in OneNote because they are arranged my notes based on sections. Each section may have different colour tab that makes it easier for them to be recognised.