Promoting Self-Feeding to a Baby: Introducing of New Food

Meal preparation for BLW baby is relatively easy. Baby's meal menu is often according to the family meal, only without salt and sugar. So there is no need to serve special food for baby Lulu. I give her as many food as possible to explore, as long as it's healthy. I always try my best to prepare balance food for Alula: carbohydrate, protein, and vegetables. Up until 8 month old, Alula only had to try pumpkin, sweet potato, potato, and rice as the carbohydrate.

Baby Lulu is now in the more advance stage of Baby Led Weaning. She has been able to pick finger sized foods and now she has develop a new skill, that is pinch grip - grabbing food with her thumb and index finger. As the new skill develop, I think it is a good time to introduce new variety of food. Today, Mama serves spaghetti! Of course, it's a plain spaghetti for Alula.

Alula's first reaction to spaghetti is amazed. I can see from her jumbled look on her face - is that even a food? Hahaha! Mama introduce the food to her, "Lulu, this is spaghetti. You can eat it. It's a food." I put very small portion of spaghetti on her table. She begins to grab it, observe it, and play with it.

"Wow, I see that you have fun with the spaghetti. You can eat it if you want." There you go, Lulu begins to aim the spaghetti to her mouth. She starts to chew it with a funny face. Haha maybe it feels a bit strange to have something long and thin in her mouth.

"How was it, Lu? Do you like it?"

She grabs more spaghetti and eat them. Well, I guess she likes it :)

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