Introducing God Creation to Baby Lulu

As a muslim we can't separate our religious believe from our daily life. The first learning that we would like to offer to our child is about iman or faith aspect of the religion. In Islam this concept is embodied in six articles of faith.

  1. Belief in Allah, The Only God
  2. Belief in the Angels
  3. Belief in Holy Books
  4. Belief in the Prophets
  5. Belief in the Day of Judgment
  6. Belief in God's predestination

The exercise that we have been doing recently is to introduce the first point of the six article of faith, Belief in Allah.

How to introduce the concept of God to a child? Without having to go deep into the theology, we want to start simply by introducing God creation. It means everything that we see everyday. From animals, plants, weather and so on.

We have arranged many interesting activities to do this God creation introduction session. Start from reading books, playing with cats, touching snails, eating strawberry, exploring plants, seeing rain drops and feeding fishes.

Would a child as young as Alula will understand about this faith introduction? We don't expect a deep understanding, but we are hoping to trigger her interest more to explore her surrounding. As she grow up hopefully the kid will make sense herself about the Belief in Allah, The Only God. But at this stage, the most important thing is, we are glad to see that Alula enjoying the discovery and many new things that she see, do and explore everyday.