Grocery Shopping: An Introduction to Market Concept

Grocery Shopping: An Introduction to Market Concept

Today we went to a supermarket to buy some groceries. Introducing financial literacy to her, today we plan to introduce Lulu to the concept of market, where people buying and selling goods. I know, it should have been better to introduce such concept in a wet market, where there are many sellers and many buyers. But I almost never go to a wet market. So we think for now a supermarket will (hopefully) serves our purpose.

Usually, I just use Alula's baby stroller trunk to store my groceries for the sake of practicality. As today is special, we took a shopping trolley and put Lulu in the trolley so that she can enjoy shopping too (and not running around, haha!).

We took her going into the supermarket aisles from fruit section, veggies section, and baby diaper section. Each time I took an item from the shelf or basket, I told her what that is and how much is the price. Some times I just handed the item over to Lulu for her to observe a bit more.

Lulu was observing a pack of cucumber

After getting all we need we head to a cashier. We quickly placed our items onto the conveyor belt and put our own bag too, so that the cashier lady knew we didn't need any plastic bags. The cashier lady scanned our items one by one and put our groceries into our bag. Once she finished, she asked for our member car and I let Lulu to give the card to the cashier aunty. Soon after that, Papa placed his phone on the EDC machine for contactless payment.

Getting ready to give the member card to aunty cashier

Well, actually Lulu has been accompanying Mama for grocery shopping for countless time. But she has been in the baby stroller which is lower than the cashier counter, so she hasn't been able to look closely of the activities in the cashier including how to make a payment. But today, she sat on the shopping trolley that allowed her to observe all of our activities during the grocery shopping. We hope that she learned something from today's activity.

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