Going Outdoor: Bird Chasing

Going Outdoor: Bird Chasing

Alhamdulillah the fever has gone. Lulu is back to normal!! Chatty, very active and thankfully her appetite is also back. Phew!

We try out best to bring Lulu for outdoor activity everyday. Usually Lulu, Mama and Papa go out in the morning for a walk in our neighbourhood. In the late afternoon Mama will bring Alula for a walk to the a field next to the MRT station, which Papa will alight from work everyday. That has been our routine for a while now, so she kind of get used to it.

When she was down with the fever, Lulu has been asking to go out. Well, she hasn't been able to talk in a full sentence tho, but she keeps pointing out of our windows saying "chip chip". It's a sign of her wanting to see birds, like we used to when we had our morning walks. But since she had fever for the last three days, I told her that we will go out to see birds once she gets better.

So, today is the day. As Lulu gets better, our routine is back. We take her for a morning walk. She seems delighted to be able to feel a fresh air again. We follow her to where she walks. Suddenly Mama sees a flock of pigeons eating bread crumbs. I called Lulu and point out to the birds. When she spots the birds, She instantly grins ear to ear. She really enjoys watching the birds eating the crumbs. Some more birds joins the flock, and some of them fly away.

It's really a relieved to see that she's healthy again and her eyes are sparkle with joy.

Observation Notes

  • Lulu loves being outdoor. She was ecstatic to see the birds. She made a careful observation on how the birds eat bread crumbs, how another bird join the flock and how some of them fly out.
  • Through this activity, Lulu learns about God's creation. Only Allah has the power to create birds with such anatomies that allows them to fly.
  • The morning walk allows Lulu to move. Movement is an important aspect in children's development. They learn their range of motion, balance, muscle strength, coordination, and endurance.