Developing Children's Literacy: Family Reading Project Day 7

We went to the library today. Alula, who has just started walking, was excited to explore the children section of the library. She had fun taking books from the book shelves and playing (or annoying) other kids, hehehe... We borrowed some books to read.

Alula's Read

Title: Arabic Alphabet Series - A Dat Out At Sea

Author: Ukht Husni


The book introduces Arabic alphabet in a fun ways. It is presented in the form of a story, the Arabic Alphabet appears in the form of characters and captivating images. This will help children to remember the alphabets in relation to the adventure stories in the books.

Mama's Read

Title: Aromatherapy For Everyone

Author: Mary Shipley


This book provides easy-to-understand information on how to choose and use the essential oils that are right for you. It covers the foundations of aromatherapy, its history and how it works. It also provides an all-new handy reference guide that matches problems or needs to the essential oils that may be applied to them. Finally, it presents individual entries for fifty-nine different essential oils, describing their origins, listing their therapeutic uses, and recommending ways to use them.

Papa's Read

Title: Millennial Money

Author: Patrick O'Shaughnessy


This book offers very easy introduction to investing, specifically to stock market. The main message that it tries to communicate is about the need to invest as early as possible and to invest in long term instead of speculating. You have to do it in your 20-ish. If not yet, then your 30-ish. Seeing myself as part of 30-ish, I realised that I am late comer. But late is better than never. About the long term aspect, the small percentage return will be compounded significantly in the long term, although if the return fluctuates in between.

One message that I want to highlight from the book, is about investing globally. So instead of focusing to invest in your home country or resident country stock market, we should invest in other countries stock market as well. The reason is, it will protect as in the single country stock market failure and also to get more return because nowadays, there are many good companies from different countries.

I am still reading the book halfway, hence there should be some other good highlight from the book. This book is lighter and give a good intro, if I compare with John Bogle's book of Common Sense Mutual Fund or The Intelligent Investor of Ben Graham.