Developing Children's Literacy: Family Reading Project Day 4

Today is such a hectic day for Mama and Papa. Thus, it was only Alula who had the chance to read. She was actually read some books, but in this post Mama will only highlight one book.

Alula's Read

Title: The Fruit Rainbow

Author: Khalina Khalili


The book tells about the range of colours around us. Colours appear red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple because Allah made the cells of our eyes capture light of various wave lengths into our eyes. Fruit reflect the blessings of Allah. Not only their colours, but also the nutritional value and taste.

The book shows some fruits for every colour. For example, red fruits includes rambutan, apple and strawberry. At the end of every colours, the author always write the sentence Alhamdulillah (All praise be to Allah), to remind us that all of the colourful fruits are Allah's blessing.

Alula's response:

Alula was excited to see new kinds of fruits printed in colours. Mama mentioned each fruit slowly while pointed on it. Lulu listens carefully, while mimicking to point random picture on the page. After each page, she voluntary helped to flip the page.