Developing Children's Literacy: Family Reading Project Day 2

What do we read today? Alula is reading book about the five senses, Mama is still on the parenting book, and Papa is reading a financial book. Let's have a look!

Alula's read

Title: Allah Made Me

Author: Khalina Khalili


The book is telling about five senses. Each sense is illustrated by a cute animal that spark the joy of reading. More importantly, the book reminds us that it is Allah who creates all of our senses so that we can see, hear, smell, taste, and touch.

Alula's response:

Lulu loves reading time. At first she is amused with the baby picture on the cover. As Mama flip the pages, she begin to point on the pictures in each page excitingly. On every sense, Mama show Alula show her the body part by pointing eyes, nose, ears, tongue and hands. She follows enthusiastically. After reading this book with Mama, it's Papa's turn to read the same book to her. When it comes to smell, Papa shows Alula how it works. This time, Lulu got to mimic Papa on blowing her nose! How cute! <3

Mama's Read

Title: Achtung Baby

Author: Sarah Zaske

Chapter read: Chapter 2 (Berlin Babies) & Chapter 3 (Attachment Problems)


On Chapter 2, the author tells about her story on delivering baby in German, and of course how it is different from what she experienced in the U.S. For example, in German, baby deliveries are commonly handled by midwives unless there is a medical complication. In that case, doctor is taking the control.

On Chapter 3, Sara points out German attitude toward sleep. She was surprise that German babies can sleep without problem. It is German tradition that parents encourage babies to be comfortable by themselves.

Papa's Read

Title: Dollars and Sense

Author: Dan Ariely and Jeff Kreisler

Chapter read: Chapter 1-6 (in progress)


Summary from Introduction, is a good note about a lot of studies show that we will spend much more when using credit card compared with cash. This is assumption that we have it in a wrong way so far. Paying using credit card defer the payment in the future. So we don't feel the expense until the moment of paying the bills. But even once we pay the statement, we will still not feel that we spend the money. Main takeaway, try to use cash more to have more financial control. Argument that tells, you will get points, cash back if using credit card bring the advantage to the credit card provider, because at the end the points and cash back will be offset much more with the more spending that we have when paying using credit card.

Summary from Chapter 4 We Forget That Everything Is Relative. Main takeaway, never ever be deceived by discount. When $100 item is discounted 40%, we are not saving $40 but we are still spending $60. Remember, we will save 100% from item we don't buy.