Developing Children's Literacy: Family Reading Project Day 10

Alula's Read

Title: Let's Think About Allah's One Big Family

Publisher: Aligator

Review: The book teach about diversity. Every people is different. We have different appearance, character and so on. But at the same time we are the same, we have to respect each other. At the end of the book, there are two pages of lesson from the Qur'an and hadith about how Allah creates mankind into nations and tribes so that we may know one another.

Alula's Response: It is actually the book that Alula brought herself to me to read. She was interested to it maybe because there are so many people on the cover, and can't wait to hear who they are from Mama, hehehe.. When I read this book to her, she would point on every picture of a girl and say "tatak!" (read: kakak in bahasa, or "bigger sister" in English).