Shaping Spiritual Intelligence in a Baby: Exploring the Plants

Shaping Spiritual Intelligence in a Baby: Exploring the Plants

Unfortunately, we didn't have a chance to go for a morning walk as Mama was a bit unwell in the morning. So, Alula didn't have the chance to find pigeons too.

After rainy days, alhamdulillah Singapore's weather was relatively hot (and humid) today. The weather app says the rain will come in the evening. OK, let go, Lulu! This afternoon Mama took Alula out for a walk.

We walked around our neighbourhood trying to find pigeons. Sadly, there was only one pigeons spotted, which flew as soon as we approached. We continued to walk but we couldn't find anymore pigeons. Hmm.. then Mama looked around. What object can possibly spark Alula's interest? Aha! Plants!!

Alula loves to see plants since she was a little baby. I pushed her stroller and stopped whenever there was a plant to explore. We made few stops today, to let Lulu see different kind of flowers, and touch different kind of leaves.

Mama told Lulu that Allah creates all the plants. He is the one who makes those beautiful flowers too. They are one of Allah's miracle. Only Allah has the power to grow those plants from seeds into big trees, making different colours of flowers and leaves. Masha Allah!

Alula seemed to enjoy our exploration this late afternoon. She was excited whenever pushed her stroller approaching the plants. Let's explore many more things again tomorrow, Lulu!